About Us

MASSHIRO&Co. was established at the end of 2015 by four working women turned first-time mothers who are inspired to produce chic, timeless, and effortless shirts with the aim for these shirts to become an essential item in your wardrobe. The underlying philosophy at MASSHIRO&Co. is to create products that solve a universal problem: being stuck for too long in front of the closet each morning. Despite having full closets, unfortunately many of us constantly feel like we have nothing to wear.  

That’s why we created our pieces to be simple and relevant for many different occasions and for any body shape and skin colour. They are so easily mixed and matched, dressed up or down, don’t wrinkle easily and make you look sophisticated at any time of day. Our goal is for these essentials to help you declutter and migrate to a closet that’s full of things you love to wear. 

We hope it takes less time and less stress to get dressed in the morning with our essentials.



We focus on producing carefully handcrafted quality shirts. Craftsmanship is of the utmost importance to us, therefore every shirt has to go through a thorough quality control process before it’s delivered to you. Our shirts are less-wrinkle, comfortable and sophisticated attire to wear from work during the day, to a quick grocery run in the afternoon, to social gatherings in the evening. All while pumping and/or breastfeeding the baby in between. Our shirts help you to save time, money and make room for more important things in the long-run. 

Now that we are expanding our product lines, we are applying the same quality of craftsmanship and quality control to each new piece we create. 



To us, sustainability is caring for the whole business cycle and ensuring we carefully choose the more sustainable and environmentally friendly option when given a choice. Sustainability at MASSHIRO&Co is reflected in choice of biodegradable fabrics from LENZING™ for our MATTERS by MASSHIRO&Co. line, choice of packaging that is made from biodegradable cassava, choice of production partners that have certified sustainable manufacturing practices, and our brand campaign to only buy things you absolutely love and can imagine re-wearing in many different ways.

Our goal is to be able to affect the lifestyle of our customers towards a more conscious, simple, and sustainable lifestyle in terms of their fashion choices. To buy higher quality products at relatively affordable prices that will last many washes and can be worn in many ways — with the goal of decluttering closets and really solving for a woman’s need to look good at all times and during all conditions of the day.