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In a time of great uncertainty, let’s rest in the things that actually matter:

faith, family, friends and meaningful work.

It’s a good chance to appreciate the things most taken for granted as we rush through our busy schedules. Things like meaningful conversations, time to read, time to reconnect to family and friends that are far away. Don’t take the opportunity for granted to teach our children values simply by showing them that we are calm and collected in a time when everyone and everything seems to lose its ground. The feeling of safety should always come from home, and it’s something we can keep no matter what the outside world may throw at us.

All because we know what matters.

Clothes are an inevitable part of our lives. But as the roles in our lives increase, so our closet tends to increase. However, with a little bit of better planning we can aim to shop more essentials, that can be mix and matched to more items and be worn casually up to formal attire. This means we’ll have more money in our accounts, more time due to less laundry and less drama in front of the mirror each morning.

Good businesses always provide a solution to a common problem. We hope you see our shirts as a solution to spending less time getting dressed and more time, money and attention on things that actually matter.