HOME Collection

Most of 2020 and likely most of 2021 we will spend at home. 

The pandemic boosted lounge wear that is comfortable enough to wear at home but chic enough to be seen in on Zoom, on IG, when opening the front door to pick up your online orders and maybe even the occasional outing to the supermarket. 

So, we wanted to offer up our lounge wear version of the classic MASSHIRO&Co. experience of comfortable fabrics in timeless designs through this softer and light-weight collection. The loose shirt designs with simple accents and the sleek pants with rubber fastening around the back allows for comfort and chicness all at the same time, leaving it all up to your styling to create the look. 

While we wait out this pandemic, let’s be sure we buy essential items that we know we will love even once all of this over. We are confident these items will continue to be relevant for long-haul flights to your favourite destinations as well as resort-wear outfits once the time comes. 

Until then, let’s not grow weary of protecting ourselves and others by mostly staying home. 

All our love,