Introducing our SUMMER BLUE Collection during this bluesy Summer, still heavily clouded by the raging global pandemic. We chose this fresh and soft color for a simple reason: it's classic and reminds us of brighter days by the ocean. Our bright blue is energetic, vibrant, and timeless. Wearing blue has positive effects on the mind and the body, as it transcends patience, calm, sincerity, depth of character, and wisdom. 
These are all things we wish upon you during this extended season of waiting and adjusting: patience for homeschooling moms, calm for women facing a difficult business or work climate, sincerity in building your relationships daily, improving the depth of your character for the better and most of all the wisdom to maneuver through it all. 
We hope you'll love the collection as much as we do, especially for what it will symbolize in your closet! 
In the waiting, we can still make sure we feel and look good, as time will never come back, so it's best we make the most of today!